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About ALGA


Our mission

At Alga, our mission is to deliver valorised seaweed extracts to industries that need them. With our innovative technology, we can do this sustainably all year round.

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Our team

Our team consists of experienced scientists, researchers and farmers who are passionate about seaweed and dedicated to achieving our mission.


Our Technology

We combine traditional sea farming techniques with cutting-edge biorefining technology to unlock the full potential of seaweed.

Mission Statement

Over 10,000 known species of macroalgae, classified as either reds, greens or browns, can be found growing and thriving in our oceans. Every day, new and exciting applications are found for this nutrient rich crop – from food technology to biomedical science. Seaweed is an invaluable and multifunctional resource, which we must manage responsibly and sustainably as the demand for the product soars.


At Alga, we develop and apply innovative technologies for the cultivation, harvest, and processing of seaweed to maximise the value of the stock. We source and supply both dried seaweed stock and finished seaweed-derived products.

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Offshore seaweed farming, nearshore biorefining

We offer robust, scalable systems that turn fishers into ocean farmers. With our towable pre-seeded floating farms, we address the barriers to market entry for small-scale seaweed farmers. Deployed in conjunction with our floating farm system is a nearshore micro processing unit that processes wet seaweed on-site, capturing moisture and minerals that have previously been lost. 

Seaweed valorisation

We increase the value of seaweed for a range of commercial applications. In doing so we create a value chain that is both environmentally and commercially sustainable, while supporting rural coastal communities.


Employing the expertise at Aberystwyth University, we have proven the efficacy of our processing system and the value of the extracted compounds.  A range of industries can now benefit from extracted and purified seaweed compounds, delivered using methods that are cost-effective, scalable and environmentally sustainable.  

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