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Current Investments

Franchise Partnerships

The Seatable

After successful trials with the Marine Institute Ireland, we are seeking partners with site access to further develop the ‘Seatable’, an innovative and sustainable way to cultivate a variety of macroalgae, to reach commercial scale. This design may allow harvesters to cultivate a variety of seaweed species safely in a sustainable way. Use the Contact Us form for more information.

‘At Sea’ Cultivation

Redrose Developments are part of a consortium seeking blended finance to develop a novel approach to cultivating macroalgae ‘At Sea’ in open waters. Our aims are to remove pressure on the crowded marine space, to record biomarkers to ensure healthy and sustainable growth of microalgae, and to address the risks to personnel working in the sector. Using ‘big data’ and remote systems offer scalable solutions to meet the growing market demands for high quality seaweed.

Redrose Developments offers a unique solution to allow seaweed harvesters and farmers to maximise the value of their wild and cultivated stock by processing the seaweed within minutes of harvesting, preserving the nutritional biomass and important minerals and proteins present which might be otherwise lost.

 Harvesters can become owner operators of the franchise unts, processing a wide range of wild and cultivated seaweed daily, increasing the value and volume of stock. Our modest processing units are provided with full training and management support and the units are remotely monitored for safety and maintenance.



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