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Redrose Developments, having obtained the required licenses, is currently growing Alaria on long lines in Blacksod Bay, County Mayo. Our first harvest in 2020 proved the site an excellent but challenging one. Being exposed to the prevailing South Westerly Atlantic winds, early research indicates significant turbidity and the composition and analysis of the plant confirmed the sites overall suitability. New and innovative solutions in farming design will support expanded growth, healthier stock and safer operating conditions for harvesters.

Our second site in Broadhaven Bay, County Mayo, is shallower and more suited to producing a higher value species of macroalgae. We piloted the ’ Seatable’, a novel system for cultivating stocks of reds and greens. Early trials in conjunction with The Marine Institute and NUIG Galway indicate the Seatable has much potential to produce high quality stock sustainably.

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Macroalgea is rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins and lipids, but once removed from the ocean, bacteria present will cause the plant to decay and lose these precious elements. As different species decay at different speeds, the importance of capturing the valued bioactivity is paramount. The earlier the seaweed is processed and becomes stable, the more nutrients are retained. Working alongside harvesters to ensure timely processing of high value stock, Redrose Developments offers harvesters the opportunity to become ‘owner operators ’ in a unique franchise model. Our systems are modest in size and volumes are limited by licensing, ensuring stability in the marine environment and harvesting only what can be replenished naturally.

We provide processing infrastructure to harvesters and seaweed farmers to maximise the value of their cultivated stock.

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Redrose Developments participates in numerous programs and strives to educate all ages as to the benefits of seaweed.

We work in partnership with schools locally and have participated in an Erasmus project with partners in France and The Netherlands to deliver quality courses and learning tools to help students to understand the value of our oceans and of macroalgae as a product, raising awareness of the importance of sustainability. We introduced innovative techniques for cultivation and processing in an environmentally friendly way.


During the Erasmus Feed The World 2050 campaign, we worked alongside French and Dutch experts to lead a group of students to discover the ways in which  seaweed may be used as an alternate source of protein in the future. We had a lot of fun learning all about macroalgae on the shores of Blacksod Bay! Read more here (link to Erasmus)

We partnered with the Irish Ocean Literacy Network, a group focused on achieving an ocean literate society across the island of Ireland, to develop and deliver the Explorers Program in National Schools throughout Mayo to promote the value of seaweed.

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